As a young preteen, I studied painting in Budapest with György Kádár, one of Hungary's foremost artists. It was also there, during my high school years, where I learned the machining and tool and dye-making skills that form the mechanical foundation of the current works..

My early years were spent under the Hungarian fascist regime and later under the Soviet occupation.  I escaped and immigrated to this country after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

My professional life has been in neuroscience research, currently as the John Evans Professor of Neuroscience Emeritus at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

In 1998 I began making sculptures and have been a professional sculptor since 2012. While I am self-taught, I am not a "naive" or "outsider" artist. My work is informed by studying contemporary art since high-school days and collecting since the 1960s – producing a representative collection of Chicago Imagist and later Haitian art.

Juried Group Shows:
“Selected Works by Mountain Sculptors” Vadim Bora Gallery, Asheville, NC. Nov. 19 – Dec. 17, 2010.
“Shared Passion” The Pack Place Gallery, Asheville, NC. June 27 – July 12, 2011.
“50th Anniversary Show” Asheville Regional Airport, Asheville, NC. 2012.
“Mountain Sculptors” Monte Vista Hotel, Black Mountain, NC. March 16 – June 17, 2012.
“Mountain Sculptors” Upstairs Artspace, Tryon, NC. May 31 – July 13, 2013.
"MetalHeads" Madison County Art Center, Marshall, NC. July 12 – August 29, 2013.

“Group Show“ Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NY. October 4 – November 5, 2013.
“The universe in a cubic foot“ Updraft Gallery, Asheville, NC. October 9 – November 5, 2013.
“6^3 show“ Chicago Sculptors International, CliffDwellers, Chicago. August 3 – November 1, 2013.
"Invoking the Absence" Chicago Sculptors International 2014 Biennial Exhibit. Elks National Memorial, Chicago, IL. May 17-October 26, 2014. Curated by Lucas Cowan.
"Fine Art Craft Hilton Head 2014" Walter Greer Gallery, Hilton Head SC. December 9, 2014 -
January 4, 2015.
"Valdosta National 2015" Valdosta Fine Arts Gallery, GA. January 20-February 6, 2015.
"26th Annual N.E.W. Show" Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh, NC. September 3 – 24, 2015.
"The Fl3tch3r Exhibit" Reece Museum, Johnson City, TN. October 5 – December 7, 2015.
"Sculpture 2015" Tryon Fine Arts Center, Tryon, NC. October 14 – November 29, 2015.
“Invitational Sculpture Exhibit” Transylvania Community Arts Council. October 28–November 18, 2016.
“25th Biennale” National Exhibit, Art League of Hilton Head, Hilton Head, SC. May 2-31, 2017.
“Dimensions 2017” National Exhibit of Associated Artists of Winston Salem. Milton Rhodes Center. Winston Salem, NC. May 25 – July 25, 2017.
"Sculpture 2017” Tryon Fine Arts Center, Tryon, NC. October 15 – November 25, 2017
"Fine Art Craft Hilton Head 2018" Walter Greer Gallery, Hilton Head SC. December 9, 2018 -
January 4, 2019.

Solo Gallery Shows:
•Gallery Swarm, Chicago, IL. May 18 – June 17, 2012
•Artifact, New York, NY. September 8 – 29, 2013

Two-person show:
“Polar Opposites” with Ursula Goebels-Ellis. Hamilton Gallery, Montreat College. Montreat, NC. June 3 – July 31, 2013.

Museum Representation and Shows:
•The entire “War Series” of nine sculptures is in the permanent collection of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC
•"Survival, Spirit, Dreams, Nightmares" Four-person show. Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL. February 9 – March 30, 2014. Curated by Adrienne Kochman.
•"Selections from the Struggle Series." Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. February 14-March 22, 2015. Struggle No. 35 is in the Museum's permanent collection.

Gallery Representation:
•Flow, Marshall, NC

International Sculpture Society; Tri-State Sculptors; Mountain Sculptors; Society for Contemporary Art, Chicago; Asheville Area Arts Council; Chicago Sculpture International; Art League of Hilton Head

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