Forced march. No. 2. 2001. Welded steel, partially painted black with brass rods. Jews are herded along a narrow Budapest street. A boy watches from a courtyard, in relative and only temporary safety. (10x16x12)
Forced march. No. 1. 2001. Welded steel, partially painted black with brass rods. Captives are being being marched along a narrow road, crammed between a mountain and a chasm, downward, into a hell. The polished surface across the divide suggests a better world which they will never know. (8x23x12)
The pieces reflecting war memories are semi-abstract, but with clearly recognizable elements. They are welded steel; some are painted black to best reflect their somber subject matter. The victims are usually represented by thin brass bars, over-towered by their foreboding environments. While the pieces tell stories, they are highly sculptural entities.

The entire War Series of nine pieces is in the permanent collection of the US Memorial Holocaust Museum, Washington DC

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War. 1998. Welded steel, painted black with brass rods. This is an allegorical work, simply wanting to express the utter helplessness of the individual amidst the gargantuan upheaval of contemporary warfare. As a child, I experienced World War II as a surreal nightmare. (13x7x11)